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Why list on Deskdeal?

If you have a workspace or meeting room for rent with wifi and furniture and you want to reach thousands of new business professionals, list it on DeskDeal.

You are in the driver seat

List your space for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly bookings. You are always in full control of your price, availability and who you accept as guest.

Free registration

If you partner with us there are absolutely no subscription costs or sign-up fees.

How It Works

Opening and closing your venue

We give you complete control to open or close your venue on our website whenever it suits you. We have no lock-in contracts, we hope our service makes you stay with us.

Availability control is easy

You can easily manage your opening-times and use our great tools such as automated calendar syncing for all your spaces.

Guests don't pay extra

Don’t expect that we add an extra fee on top of the price you set, unlike other websites that usually charge an extra amount.

Only pay for successful bookings

Listing your venue on DeskDeal is absolutely free. We only charge a 10% commission for each successful booking, with a minimum charge of € 9,-. This helps us run our platform and offer customer support.

Learn more about listing your venue in the Questions and Answers section below.

Questions and answers

Who should list a space on DeskDeal?

We work with coworking-spaces, business-centers, corporate offices, startup-hubs, landlords, real-estate professionals and hotels.

What are the requirements to list?

The spaces you want to list must be turn-key. This means fully furnished, clean and with fast wireless internet. Also a host must be on-site to give the guest access to the space.

What are the time periods I can rent out?

You can choose to rent out your space per hour, daypart, day, week and month. For each period of time you can set the price which is the display price on DeskDeal, we don’t charge extra fees on top of your price.

Who will book my space?

Our users are all types of business-professionals such as corporates, government, entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and creatives. All users that book a space are verified by email and phone, we send you the guest details so you know who’s coming.

How does the booking process work?

Verified guests can make a booking for your space, you will receive booking requests or instant bookings by email and mobile text-message, like SMS. Booking requests should be confirmed manually by you. You can also change your spaces to Instant booking to auto-confirm bookings, these spaces are popular among our guests. In your DeskDeal account you can accept or decline all bookings and find all guest contact-information.

Can I sync my Google calendar with my listings on DeskDeal?

Yes, we encourage using the calendar sync tool for all your spaces. This way your Google, Outlook or Apple calendar with .ICS support are synced almost realtime. In your account you find the sync option under the “availability” tab.

How do I get paid?

When a booking is accepted, we collect the payment on your behalf. On the 14th of every month we release your funds by bank-transfer. In your financial account you can find all invoices and credit-invoices for your administration.

Still have some questions? Find the answers to most questions in the FAQ contact us by chat, email or phone.

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